Seeing beyond the obvious

I’m ridiculously analytical. I draw connections to everything and everywhere. In addition, there are always questions arising out of these connections. Getting to the right question is often harder than getting to the right answer.

Most of my work has a focus on future trends and human behavior. My strength is in leading projects where a strong investigative hand is needed. With degrees in fine art from School of Visual Arts and a Master of Science in strategic communication from Columbia University, this is where being interdisciplinary finds its home. Bridging art and design, technology and anthropology, strategy and innovation requires an open-mindedness and inquisitiveness which does not fear leaping into the unknown in search of insight.

I have helped clients with everything from coming up with new product ideas to discovering unmet consumer needs to full-scale brand strategy. My career highlights include:

  • Defining the Future of Gaming for a leading global play and entertainment company
  • Designed disruptive business platforms for a top American mass media company
  • Building a innovation roadmap for “healthy mornings” for a global food and beverage corporation
  • Global acclaim for my book on successful (and unsuccessful) bank robberies
  • Running an independent communications consulting practice (Big Cardinal)

Seeing beyond the obvious is what makes life meaningful – and businesses successful. An example of some recent work included looking at the contemporary art scene.

2018 analysis of conversation around contemporary art
Looking into the cultural discussion around contemporary art

What may not be obvious here are ramifications set by the pace set of an increasingly digital-online world. Both democratized and hybridized, newer art roles shaping how contemporary art is experienced circumvent the traditional critic’s role, perhaps taking the ‘fair’ out of the art fairs.