Ken Habarta

I am a blend of art and science. Whether bringing scientific methods to creativity or bringing creativity to scientific methods, I have always seen myself first as an artist in the broadest sense of the term – and this cuts across categories.

Multidisciplined X Interdisciplinary. This means I am skilled in a number of things – bringing them together when able. I really like when I come across something where I see my world, or a situation, in a new way. This is a guiding principle in my work: providing fresh takes on a subject through creative exploration or scientific investigation. I’m a graduate of both the School of Visual Arts and Columbia University’s Strategic Communications program – which shows the range of my voice.

Being creative is performance, done in a particular set of circumstances – and the circumstances are always changing. My love for learning new things comes from this reality. I love nature, school, reading, theater, movies, music, museums –  anywhere there is an opportunity to learn.

Ideas, insight and imagination are the currency of my world. For the past 15 years, my inquisitiveness has found a home in the business world: examining culture, studying trends and understanding people’s behavior in online/offline contexts. My consulting practice is called Big Cardinal.