Khabarta: NSFW?

In the middle of the1990s (!) I had an idea to reinvent my identity by merging the first letter of my name and my last name into a single moniker. “Khabarta” became my creative label for all things I produced. The name also coincided with the emerging mainstream internet and soon “Khabarta” was my handle for gmail, twitter and youtube, etc. In 2003 I bought the domain for where it hosted graphics, music, news and upcoming shows.

More recently, in a moment of consolidating my various threads of my life into one destination, I let expire. I never thought this domain would be valuable to anyone but me (or another Habarta with a K-beginning first name). On a whim I checked out the site recently and was shocked at what I found. in 2009, just a wholesome place today is NSFW, though “catwalk poison” is a pretty good title

My innocent creative label was now the home of an Asian porn site, a result of the dark world of domain speculators (i.e. bot crawlers looking for expiring domains regardless of utility). I am currently in negotiations. The lesson here is to hold onto your domains no matter how esoteric. They have value. 

More to come…