The first joke book of its kind to put an entire generation in the comedy crosshairs. Yes, the Millennials.

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Constant praise for the Millennial Joke Book

"It's like John Stewart meets Kanye meets Adele!"

“I’ve never rolled my eyes harder than when I read this book.”

“There is not an emoticon which can capture the feelings this book creates.”

"This should have 'X-rated' on the cover – as in 'Gen-X'-rated bitterness."


Also known as Generation Y, the Millennials — people born between 1979 and 1996 – are the target here. Just as important are the marketers dreaming up these labels in the first place and propagating the myth of the Millennials. If you know a Millennial this book is for you. This volume of Millennial-sized instant jokes will stick to your repertoire and dazzle your friends – whether they are Millennial or not. Everyone gets a trophy with this book!!!


More Constant Praise for the Millennial Generation and the Millennial Joke Book!!!

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