I’m a visual thinker. In order to think better is to see better. My greatest joy comes from creating things with my hands. At the same time, I also see myself as an interpreter – someone who plays with stuff that is already there and brings it to life in a new way. These two aspects guide most of my work. I’m a graduate of School of Visual Arts and Columbia University. I split my time between New York City and Great Barrington MA.

I love process. Thinking of new ways to do things is important to me. This has lead me to explore different mediums including art, publishing, music, radio and film. I appreciate beauty in all areas of life – from nature to art to mathematics to science to technology to culture. I like exploration and discovery – at the same time, I try to see the light side of situations.

Ideas are currency. For the greater part of the last 12 years I have been working in the marketing world. I'm good at identifying unique insights or opportunities, applying them to a client's problem and helping them invent the future. Understanding changing experiences, focusing on culture and continuing to ask questions all have a big role to play in this process. My consultancy is called Big Cardinal. Please get in touch if you are interested in working together.

Email: khabarta[at]gmail.com